My device is new I don´t have recovery card what I do

Man I got some douts about my first time with my new Trezor One
First, I got problems with my system and I had to Install a firmware indicated on the app trezor suite.
But at the moment that appered on screen the follows mensage. You got sure you want to do that? Never do that if you don´t have your seeds and passpharse.
I stoped because I don´t enabled the seeds and passpharse
I need help here
Where I enable seeds and passpharse?
But now if this a normal process and step by step take me to got my first acess to enabled my seeds and passpharse I need to know? In my screen appered 1 firmware 2 wallet 3 pin 4 coins and how I refused to follow with Intall the firmware occuried failed. Trezor suite asked me for to retry the process,
My asks is I retry or I have to do another thing ?

Hi @GWO,

Passphrase is enabled by default but not required to use unless you’ve made a Hidden wallet. You can go into Settings in Trezor Suite and disable the Passphrase feature, if you don’t plan to create a Hidden wallet in the future.

The Recovery seed is the 24 english words you made in the Backup process when you set up your device. If you skipped this Backup step, you don’t have a Recovery seed and cannot recover your funds if you lose your wallet or it gets damaged.

If your device is brand new and unused, follow the instructions of the system until you can jot down your seed phrase with pen and paper.