My Coins Not Supported

I have gone to your supported coins but many of them do not appear on my Trezor Suit. Please give me detailed instructions on how to add a coin that is listed here Trezor Hardware Wallet (Official) | The original and most secure hardware wallet. to my Trezor wallet, so i can transfer some coins


I am not sure which particular coins you wish to receive, but most of them are ERC20 tokens. Feel free to check this topic how to receive them.

Hi there ,
I have the same problem. Trezor Suite saying they support Chainlink but in the wallet is not such option.

@super6699 Since LINK is an ERC20 token using ETH blockchain, you can send the tokens to your ETH receiving address that you can generate in Trezor Suite - Ethereum account - Receive tab and once the tokens arrive, they will appear in your Ethereum account - Tokens section.

Seems like fraudulent advertising to say Trezor supports 1600+ coins but when you set it up, Trezor Suite shows only 13 coins !! If you say you support 1600+ they should all show up when you log in! Or at least have the option to search for a coin, e.g. ADA, and add to your wallet! I don’t want to have to “program” my Trezor and guess how to add coins. It should just show up as in coinbase. Makes me leery of using Trezor. I would actually like to return this and get a refund!

it is stated what coins are supported when purchasing via our official shop

There is also a link to our list of supported coins,
You can also find information there about what model supports the coin in question as well as any related apps to use for a given coin

There is also no need to use Trezor Suite only. Feel free to use any other 3rd party app (compatible with Trezor) which support desired coins natively.