My account balance etc is visible without my hard wallet(trezor)simply by opening Trezor suite

this is my first post and maybe a simple one to remedy?
I can access my desktop Trezor suite without the hard wallet which then shows my accounts and balances although it remains disconnected.
To connect all I need do is plug in the wallet and immediately all self connects.No password code etc required
Is this normal following the intro of Trevor suite?Meaning I no longer need to put in my pin no.
if not can anyone please advise a solution.currently not so private really.
Truthfully I’m a complete novice in the new tech world but this doesn’t seem right somehow
help please much appreciated and very welcome.

Hi @ornithorhynchus,

Please turn OFF the Remember funtion in your wallet (see image below). Unplug your Trezor device and plug it in again. Then Trezor Suite will search for coins in the blockchain(s).

Also check that Settings → Device → PIN is ON.

thanks heaps Petosiris so simple makes me feel a tad dumb but very grateful


You’re welcome, I’m just happy to help! And don’t feel you’re dumb or asking stupid questions. We’ve all been beginners. Good luck and please read a lot about Trezor and its functions. Soon you’ll know many things. Don’t do anything that involves money, if you’re not sure how it works. It’s better to ask one time too much than one time too little. :slight_smile: