Mutlitple Metamask Accounts (separate seeds) in one Trezor wallet

Hi! I’m not sure if this has been asked before. Can I connect my trezor wallet to multiple metamask accounts? (Separate seed phrases/devices). Many thanks. :slight_smile:

Hi @Andre

Not sure if I understand your questions correctly however I would say that the answer is no.
Please read following text where difference between Metamask default account and the one linked to your hw wallet is described:

Once you initialize MetaMask wallet, there is a default account created (the red one in the picture). Those are derived from MM recovery seed (generated online). This account can be recovered only by using MetaMask recovery seed and this account is not a part of Trezor wallet.

On the contrary, there are Trezor accounts (the yellow and the blue one in the picture). The same accounts are generated in MEW, Trezor Suite etc. These are accounts derived from recovery seed generated and securely kept offline in your Trezor deivce and these can be recovered only by using Trezor recovery seed.

So you are not connecting your Trezor wallet to any Metamask default accounts. You are either using Metamask standalone wallet (described in the first paragraph) or you are simply using MetaMask as an interface in order to manage operations with tokens on addresses from your Trezor wallet (derived from your recovery seed) - by exporting public keys.

Note: each recovery seed and passphrase (if enabled and used) generates different set of addresses that can be exported to 3rd party wallet (such as Metamask).

I have a similar type of situation I need help with.
I have a trezor and 2 metamask wallets.
1 metamask wallet is installed to my "edge " browswer and is not linked to my trezor
1 metamask wallet is installed to my chrome browswer and it “IS” linked to my trezor

I am wanting to move my “chrome” metamask wallet over to my edge browswer and use one metamask wallet for the two seperate accounts. I know how to import my chrome metmask wallet into my edge metamask wallet using the “import” function and using my recovery seed. I do not however, understand if I will be able to link both accounts seperately to my trezor by creating two accounts on my trezor. Is this possible?

You say that you want to move your funds from Trezor (the Metamask acct. linked with Chrome) to the Metamask account not linked with Trezor, but then you say -

The latter implies that you want to move your funds back to Trezor.

Why do you want to move them from your Trezor and then back again? Wouldn’t it be better then to move your funds from the account not currently linked to Trezor to an account linked to Trezor?

so to clarify. I have no funds however I have an airdrop coming to the Chrome installed Metamask wallet. I want to import that wallet over to edge browser and this will give me 2 seperate metmask accounts installed in my edge browswer. I only care about the wallet address being imported since there are no current funds in the trezor nor the metmask wallet.
So, I want to know if I am able to move that wallet over to the edge browser and then link both metmask accounts to the trezor. Hope that makes more sense. Thanks for taking time to read and offer help.

The easiest way to do this would be to create a new Trezor connected account in your Chrome browser. That is if it’s no other reason why you want to use Edge instead.

  • You can have one Metamask account connected to one Trezor wallet.
  • You can have multiple wallets in your Trezor - one Standard wallet and multiple Hidden wallets (with Passphrase).
  • So if you want to establish two Metamask accounts connected to your Trezor, then you can connect one to the Standard wallet and the other to a Hidden wallet, or both Metamask accounts to two different Hidden wallets.
  • Do not attempt to connect multiple Metamask accounts to the same Trezor wallet (for instance the Standard).
  • You cannot have multiple Recovery seeds in one Trezor.
  • You can have multiple Trezor devices with the same Recovery seed, making them mirrors of each other.

As for the import, if it includes giving your Recovery seed for Trezor to Metamask then I’d not recommend doing it. If the Recovery seed is the one you created for Metamask, then it won’t hurt if you give it to Metamask.

Just to clarify what a wallet and account is in Trezor:

Wallet #1 (Standard)

  • Account #1 (maybe Bitcoin (BTC))
  • Optional Account #2 (maybe Ethereum (ETH))
    • Optional ETH ERC-20 Token (maybe Shiba Inu (SHIB))
    • Optional ETH ERC-20 Token (maybe USDC)
    • Optional ETH ERC-20 Token (maybe Polygon (MATIC))
  • Optional Account #3 (maybe Ethereum Classic (ETC))

Hidden wallets:

  • Optional Hidden Wallet #1 (with a unique Passphrase)
    • Hidden Account (maybe BTC)
    • Hidden Account (maybe ETH)
  • Optional Hidden Wallet #2 (with another unique Passphrase)
    • Hidden Account (maybe BTC)
    • Hidden Account (maybe ETH)
      • Optional ETH ERC-20 Token (maybe SHIB)
  • Optional Hidden Wallet #n (with a different unique Passphrase)

I have a quick question.

I have a default MetaMask wallet.
Then I connected my Trezor hardware wallet to MetaMask with passphrase1.
And then I connected another Trezor hardware wallet to MetaMask with passphrase2.

So right now I have 3 wallets in my MetaMask:
Default MetaMask wallet
Trezor hardware wallet to MetaMask with passphrase1
Trezor hardware wallet to MetaMask with passphrase2

When I try to do a transaction using “passphrase1 wallet”, everything goes normally. Then when I try to do another transaction with “passphrase2 wallet”, MetaMask will freeze.

I couldn’t really find a solution to this except I found out that I can restart the browser whenever I need to switch my passphrase. Hope someone has an answer to this.


I really appreciate the detailed explanation and help! This def helped me to understand how I need to move forward. Thanks!!

No problem, @counteru. Glad I could help. Just be careful with Passphrases. If you’re not familiar with them, please read about the technology before you use them. Always write your Passphrase(s) down, exactly how you created them, and remember big and small letters are different so a Passphrase is case sensitive. Space is also a character.

Problems with Passphrases are the reason for many problems people have with Trezor. If you forget your Passphrase, it’s impossible to access the funds in that wallet. If you enter a Passphrase differently than you created it, Trezor will think you meant to create a new Passphrase, for a new Hidden wallet, and create a new Hidden wallet for you instead of opening your existing Hidden wallet. So there are several things that can go wrong if you’re not careful.

Good luck! :slight_smile:

Yes, Metamask can be difficult sometimes. I’ve experienced its quirks myself. It’s not just when you switch from one Trezor connected account to another, it’s also in other circumstanses, for instance when you buy several different coins, one after another. Metamask has a nasty tendency to time out without telling you. Other times it’s so busy that clicking a button results in no response at first, so you click it again, thinking that you did it wrong the first time, but then, after a while both of those clicks get a response … And there are other strange things too.

When you use Metamask, always check that the right wallet is connected. I recommend renaming them in Metamask to something unique, so you know which wallet you’re working with at all times. You will see the name and address on top of Metamask. You will also see a green status dot and “Connected” on top, when the wallet is connected to Metamask.

Because of these quirks - as I choose to call them - it’s not a bad idea to restart your browser when you switch wallets, if you’ve found out that works best for you.

Support for Metamask itself is not in scope of this forum, so you should contact Metmask support if you need more help, or you can read this forum and the hundreds of messages here in this forum regarding Metamask and its connection to Trezor, from other users. Remember that it’s not Trezor’s fault that Metamask doesn’t work sometimes. Frankly, it’s usually the user’s own fault or Metamask’s fault.

Thanks for getting back to my question! It’s not super inconvenient and I’m getting used to restarting the browser whenever I switch to other passphrased wallets.

By the way is putting multiple passphrases into one Trezor device “less secure?” I’m using 5 passphrases in my one and only Trezor right now. I’m considering about getting another Trezor/Ledger to store some passphrases so I can split the risks. Any opinions or suggestions? Thanks!

No, not if you use good Passphrases that are not written down digitally on your own PC or somewhere on Internet (Google docs, Dropbox, or similar). All Passphrases should be significally different from each other. Also, ensure that you write down all your Passphrases offline, on paper or metal, and keep them in a safe place. And don’t forget which Passphrase belongs to which Hidden wallet. It’s easy to forget when you operate multiple Hidden wallets, so I’d advise you to write that down too.

You may of course buy another Trezor if you want, but it’s not necessary to do that to “split the risks” by having some Hidden wallets in one Trezor and the rest in another. It won’t get any safer with that solution than having all 5 in one Trezor.

The risks are as I mentioned in the first paragraph: make good Passphrases which are significally different from each other, write them down offline, remember which Passphrase goes to which Hidden wallet, and keep them in a safe place.

However, if you have two Trezor devices of the same model, then one is a backup if you lose or damage the one you use daily. You can then quickly recover your funds on the spare Trezor device instead of waiting for a new one you order, which may take some time and you’ll be without a hardware wallet in the meantime. So it’s wise to have another Trezor anyway, as backup.

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