Multiple Device (Computers)

I just got my Trezor and i was wondering if its possible to use it on 2 different devices (computer).

I would really appreciate if someone could clear things with me.

I installed the trezor on my partner’s device for our axie scholarship program as he is the one handling it.

Now to secure our earnings we use one account of the hardware wallets. Since i am the one incharge of purchasing and disposing of our crypto currencies. I would like to have the access to the said account, my question is correct me if i’m wrong i just need to have the trezor device connected on my computer so i can release the crypto currencies we have and purchase. As long as the trezor device is connected to whoever plans to use it will be able to have access to do any transaction on our wallet (transfer earnings and axie’s)

Correct. The whole point of a hardware wallet is that it is completely independent of what computer you plug it into. As long as you’re able to connect your Trezor (enter correct PIN) you’ll also be able to sign the transactions.

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