Multiple computers

Can I access my wallet on few computers or only one? I installed suite on one computer and I am wonderin if I can see install it on another one?

@pat101 yes you can.

Edited as I misread/misinterpreted.

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@rimaS wtf no! why would you go straight to recovering.

@pat101 you can install Suite on as many PCs as you like. The important thing is your Trezor device – when you connect it to a different computer, you will be able to see your accounts.


Ok, maybe I didn’t make my self understood, I was suggesting recover those seed words on a different wallet, as I thought this was the issue. I understand that having different PCs with trezor suite installed you just need to connect your trezor and let it discover your wallet this way you don’t expose your seed on a different wallet.

Sorry I misinterpreted the question.

100% agreed @matejcik