Multiple Accounts on Metamask with 1 single trezor

When connecting for the first time on metamask, I have the option to connect through my hardware, then I use Trezor.

1- Can you confirm it’s normal I don’t have to type my seedphrase of Trezor at any moment?
2- I see many accounts that can be unlocked. I usually had a hot wallet (named “Trezor1”) connected to multiple dapps. And I would like to create a second account (“Trezor2”). I did it, and transfered some funds. The idea is that Trezor2 account will never be connected to any dapp, so I will consider it more as a hardware wallet.

Can you confirm that in case my desktop device is lost, or even my Trezor is lost, with the same seed phrase of Trezor (not metamask), I can unlock the 2 accounts?
Also why on TrezorSuite, under my accounts, I can only see Trezor1 and not Trezor2 that I just created?

Final question : metamask seedphrase will NEVER be needed to unlock those Trezor1 and Trezor2 accounts. Can you confirm?

Thank you very much

For some reasons, after struggling to see where I can add an account on Trezor Suite, I saw a “Add account” button, after clicking on it, it has added the same account that I just configured on Metamask.

When trying to create a new third account (for testing) on Trezor Suite, the button “Add account” is now greyed saying “Previous account is empty”

Hello @Transatlas

1 yes your accounts in metamask (if you configured correctly) are generated/derived from the recovery seed words/private keys stored on your trezor, that is why you don’t need to input any recovery seed words.
If you have enabled passphrase to access a hidden wallet you will need your recovery seed words + passphrase.

Yes you recover your wallets with your recovery seed words. Consider these recovery seed words your ultimate backup to your funds keep them safely stored. If you enabled passphrase you keep this safe also.

Recovery Key safety, best practices

Yes the recovery seed words generated in MMask without trezor connected/linked can only be used to recover your MM wallet, lets call it hot wallet, as the private keys/recovery seed words are stored within MMASK.

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i found this article

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