Multiple account for one Coin (ETH in my case)

Hello team!

I’m new to the Trezor world, but I have experience with Ledger. I have such a question: I created a new wallet, memorized 12 words and everything is as usual. Working with Trezor, I created several accounts for the ETH coin. Personal main and for work payments. I had a task to transfer these wallets to some kind of software solution. I’ve tried Trust Wallet and Exodus (it officially supports Trezor).

I found that after entering the mnemonic phrase, only the first wallet is restored and I cannot access the second one. But if I install Trezor Suite on a new Mac, it immediately finds both wallets. Explain how it works? It turns out that the second wallet cannot be restored without using Trezor Suite?

Thanks for time and answers.

Hi @DimaS

Please note that these are the limits of the wallet.

For example Trezor Suite will allow you to add another account only if the previous one has already been used and the limit of all ETH accounts per wallet is 10.

If you wish to use more ETH addresses derived from your Trezor private keys you can connect Trezor to some 3rd party app such as MetaMask or MEW that will allow you to connect the address of your choice (even if the previous one haven’t been used).
Please note that when doing so you have to be extra careful and pay more attention as it is quite easy to loose the track of where you have previously sent your funds tp.

In other words, if I use another wallet that supports multi-accounts for one coin, will all wallets be displayed? Is this a limitation on the Trust Wallet and Exodus side? Right?

that’s correct.

Just note that all accounts (that you have previously connected) will be displayed. Not wallets.

There is only one Standard wallet and other Hidden once (if passphrase is being used) per seed
and accounts are “nested” into it.

See picture below:

So technically Ethereum does not have many accounts. Instead, it considers single addresses as separate accounts. This means that there are no change addresses, but also that you cannot send one transaction from multiple addresses.

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Got it! Thanks a lot for time and explanation.

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