Move or send Strong token from Trezor

I’m a newbie to crypto. I set up a node in Strongblock and just earned my first Strong token. I moved it to Trezor. Now I cant figure out how to convert it to Eth or move it to an exchange so i can trade it for Eth. Please help! Thanks!

Hi @TamaraChastain,

Is it this one:
… or this: ?

Both are ERC-20 tokens, which means you should move them to Trezor with the Ethereum Network.
Did you do that?

Can you see your token in Trezor Suite (desktop or web version)?

It is the first one. Strongblock token. I am trying to move it from Trezor to any exchange where I can convert it to another coin.

I can see the token in Trezor Suite under Eth. However it does not allow me to send the way a token like XRP or Stellar Lumens, for example, would. Is there a different procedure for sending ETH-20 coins? I am totally new to crypto world, so any help is greatly appreciated!

It’s the same basic principle when sending any coin or token, although with some differences.
Basically, you -

  1. Select Accounts at the top of the page.
  2. Select the account you want to work with, in this case Ethereum.
  3. Select the token, in this case Strong.
  4. Press the Send button.
  5. Find the recipient address you want to send to.
  6. Fill in the transaction form, with the recipient address, amount and transaction fee.
  7. Review the transaction and Send.

Make sure the address you send to is the right format (Ethereum) and correct recipient.

See: User manual:Making payments - Trezor Wiki

PS: Don’t hesitate to ask if you wonder about something. It’s better to ask before you do anything than do something wrong and then ask how to correct it afterwards. :slight_smile:

So glad I found this! Quick question though, does the above apply to the Trezor Model One? Or only the Model T? I have a Model One and was hoping to do the same with Strong.

Hi @BigSteakMaker,

All ERC-20 tokens are supported by both Trezor models, as far as I know. If you look at the official list of Supported coins & tokens you won’t see either STRONG or the other STRONG in that list, but they’re supported anyway.

Please note that there are two different STRONG tokens and both are ERC-20, so please select the right contract address!

Basic rule is if one ERC-20 token is supported, all ERC-20 tokens are supported. Note that you must have the token in your Trezor One device already, before you can transfer it with the recipe I wrote above.

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