Move BTC to Trezor

I have a BTC address and know the private key.
How can I move/attach the coins from this address to my Trezor?

Please follow the manual here: Suite manual:Receiving payments - Trezor Wiki

Thank you, unfortunately this does not help me, it just does explain how to get a new receiving address.
I do not understand how to import the BTC address to my Trezor wallet.
Or, other solution, how can I initiate the transfer from this address to a Trezor receiving address ?

did you initialize new Trezor and created new seed?

If yes, follow the manual, you simply need your BTC receive address and send it to this address from your exchange/other wallet where you have your coins.

Or are you trying to import seed from somewhere else?

If yes (this is not recommended however), follow this: Recover your wallet - Trezor Model T - Trezor Wiki

That is exactly the problem. I have no idea of who/where is the wallet. I just have the BTC address and its private key.

Then you should read the manual of the exchange or contact their suppor if you don’t know how to send coins from there. All you need is your BTC receive address and you send your coins there that is all.

Also, I still don’t understand if you have already installed your Trezor or not. If yes, then follow what I mentioned above.

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Sounds like you have a paper wallet?

Here is a nice guide:

From my experience, the Coinomi app has the nicest flow when sweeping into Trezor. You can scan the code provided with the private key, and then enter a receiving address which you got from your Trezor. That way the funds are moved directly to Trezor in one transaction (with other apps, it is usually two: first to sweep into the software wallet, second to move the funds to Trezor)

> Then you should read the manual of the exchange or contact their suppor
Lets start again. I have no idea of what exchange was used to create this BTC address.
Of course I have a Trezor, which is not the problem since the problem is to attach the old address of BTC to it, or send the BTCs from the other address to the Trezor.

> Sounds like you have a paper wallet?
It could technically be that, since I can not link the address to any exchange.

Will try your solution. But I cant find the “how to” in the page. They just say that I could move the coins into the Trezor, but dont say how!