More than 20 ethereum addresses - can't access address 21 abd above in trezor suite

Dear Trezor,

I have More than 20 ethereum addresses with funds which I originally accessed in MYETHEREWALLET. Now when I try access address 21 in trezor suite (both app and web) It’s not accessible. No address above address 20 is accessible. MYETHERWALLET is not working at all anymore, I suppose because I have not updated my trezor firmware for a few years. I can’t tale that risk now, to update, because my seedphrase is far away, and for other reasons. Is there any other way to access my ethereum addresses above address 20 ?

Hi @reywe

this is expected as that’s the limit of the app.

Please try to connect Trezor to MetaMask or Mycrypto (instead of MEW).