Model T: So Much Scrolling on Big Size Trx After Upgrade

After the last firmware upgrade, large size transactions will let you scroll (before you could only accept or decline). The thing is that you cannot “skip” that scrolling.
There are some apps that make huge size transactions, lot of hexadecimals, nothing to catch with my eyes.
In “Axie Infinity”, every time i want to sell one of my NFTs, i had to scroll 17 times before begin able to press OK. And i post between 20~50 nfts in 1 day, every week.
The first time i had to downgrade my firmware, it was a huge pain to do that every time.
Now I’m on the latest firmware, and i cannot post all these in one day, is hurts a lot! It takes me more than triple time, and scrolling is not smooth on the trezor screen.
There is no configuration setting to change this behavior.
I would love to hear that this could be changed in some near future. I don’t want to move my nfts to a non-hardware wallet, but i’m really considering it.

Hi, please see following thread as this issue has already been discussed: