Model T - Incorrect Address

I am attempting to receive coins into my Model T, but I am getting an incorrect address when I scen the qr code into my Trust Wallet. The address scans fine but it says the scanned address is incorrect no matter if bep2 or bep20. I am using Trezor Suite (mentions bech 32). The address was for xrp token with no tag. How can I receive the tokens in Model T?

you are trying to receive XRP? Then you have to use XRP address, not Bitcoin.

Go to settings Crypto and enable XRP coin.

The coin was active, but the address in Trust Wallet says incorrect address after scanning the QR code in Trezor Suite. Thats the issue. Not sure if its Trezor suite giving a bad address or a TW issue. Anyone else know of the problem?

if you want xrp then you are using wrong address…Bech32 is Bitcoin, select XRP in the left

Thnk yo, but the problem persists.
There is no mention of bech32 now. No other coins are enabled in Trezor Suite. I am scanning the QR Code after showing the full address in Trezor Suite. The Address is incorrect in Trust Wallet, whether bep20 or bep2. No tag seems to be required. I have no idea why the receive address generated in Trezor Suite shows as being incorrect in Trust Wallet.
This almost seems to be a trivial issue because I see no mention of it anywhere online. I hope my hardware has not been tampered

sorry, can you clarify. First you mentioned bech32 which is Bitcoin, then you said you want to send XRP and now you are mentioned bep20 which is completely another thing Binance smart chain.

What coin are you trying to send where. Each of those mentioned have their own network and type of address so you are just using wrong one.

If you mean XRP pegged token on BSC like this: Binance-Peg XRP Token (XRP) Token Tracker | BscScan

Then you need to use Metamask for this: Using Trezor in Binance Smart Chain Network

Ok, yes… am sending XRP pegged BEP20 or BEP2 to Trezor. Thanks, I will try sending to Metamask, then to Trezor from there. Is that the correct sequence?

no. Pair your Trezor with MM according to manual, set up Binance smart chain and then send it to your Trezor address. You are just accessing Trezor via MM interface because Suite cannot use binance smart chain. So you are using Trezor directly, there is not extra step.

It is all explained here: Using Trezor in Binance Smart Chain Network

Thanks for your patience and great help! Works fine through MM. I never noticed that link inside MM, and likely would not have explored it anyhow, if this problem didnt arise.

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