MM with trezor bugs i can't send my funds pls help me

Hello everyone
My problem can’t be resolved for 1 month ,no one can help me & MM and Trezor support too…
So i made new MM on bsc and transfer all my funds (alice&bnb) then i connected Trezor that i never use ( i have seed phrase for trezor and MM too ) after i connect trezor made another one wallet called ‘‘trezor1’’ but i connected without seed phrase ( i dont know why )
I transfer all tokens on ‘‘trezor1’’ and when i try to send it on another one wallet it start to bug seems to me. A window for signing keys opened, I pressed the share button and after that nothing happens.
When i closed MM and try to recover and started looking for my wallet, I saw that all the addresses were empty and at the top there was an option to select Trezor test net and there I saw my account.
I can’t send and do anything after witch my funds , in bsc scan my trezor&mm address still have active funds. I look for many advices i write to support but no answer. I see that many people have same problem , but i dont see how to resovle this. I opened tresor suite to check my seed phrase and what happened it tell’s me that my seed right but from another wallet … HOW i don’t understood i didn’t make another one trezor acc , so i have big big problem , i can’t use my funds… they are freeze
Please help me someone i can’t normal sleep at night for 2 weeks …(

When you create this account, MM will have a popup window that will let you fill in the passphrase. Did you fill it out?