Missing the advanced tab on the trezor suit

Hello, i noticed that theres a way to check my seed on the trezor suit (Test Your Seed Backup: Dry-Run Recovery | by SatoshiLabs | Trezor Blog) but my trezor suit doenst have this advanced tab!(https://imgur.com/NEYTpFR) and i really need to check this seed because i lost the paper that i was holding my seed. Can anyone help? i need to check my seed because im going for a trip!

I think you made a mistake.
This function is to simulate the recovery of the wallet and is used to check whether your seed phrase is written correctly. The premise is that you have a seed phrase.
This function is the check backup in the picture.
This function can only check whether the seed phrase is recorded correctly, but cannot display the seed phrase out of thin air.

If you lose the seed phrase, please send the assets in trezor to another wallet immediately.
Then empty the device, regenerate a new wallet, and record the new seed phrase.
It is not safe to record only one seed phrase
It is not safe to store multiple seed phrases in the same house
Then send the assets to the new wallet generated by trezor!
If you use a hidden wallet, passphrase and seed phrase are equally important