Missing Seed Phrase on Trezor with Ronin Account

This just happen today. For whatever reason, my Trezor requires a re-set-up but I lost my seed phrase and now its not able to recover. I have 4 axie infinity accounts under this trezor and I cannot withdraw SLP and transfer my Axie. Please help me.

Is your trezor still usable?
Can you use it if it connect to the trezor suite?
If you have already wip your device, then no one on earth should be able to help you.
Only means that are beyond human technology, such as time-back-tracing, can retrieve assets.

Thanks for replying. The Trezor is usable but if I plug in on my desktop, it is asking me to re-set up which requires the recovery phrase.

Not sure why this happened. It has been plug in to my PC for few months now and today is the only time it requires to set-up.

Since it still works, please use your old wallet.

First temporarily send assets to your software wallet, then wip your device and reset a wallet, record multiple copies of the new seed phrase and save across multiple houses.
Run a simulated recovery to confirm the correctness of the seed phrase.
Then send the assets to the new trezor wallet.
Save the seed phrase this time.

Hi, how do I do that? all my assets (SLP/Axies) are connected to Ronin and it requires confirmation from Trezor before I can transfer anything. Since my Trezor data is already wipe out, I cannot proceed.

As mentioned above, my Trezor requires the old seed phrase (which I lost) to be able to get the data back.

if so , no one on earth should be able to help you.