Missing Metamask gas settings with Trezor accounts


With Trezor accounts on Metamask, we cannot edit the priority fee even when advanced gas controls are on. Is this a compatibility issue with EIP 1559 and if so when can we expect full compatibility?

And can you explain how the priority fee is calculated from the max fee? The max fee is the only part we can control. E.g. if we enter a max gas fee that is 2x the base rate, what is the priority fee?



Hi @DanasX

I have just tried to set the priority fee with my Trezor model T and it worked without any issues.
Please make sure that you have latest version of Trezor firmware and your Metamask is up to date as well.

Priority fee is actually not calculated from the max fee. By setting the max fee you are basically just saying how much you are willing to spend on fees in total.
And because the base fee (that is set by the network) is entirely burned during the transaction, London upgrade came up with priority fee which is not burned but it serves as a tip in order to incentivize miners to include a transaction in the block.

For more info see following video: