Missing ERC-20 tokens from One Account only

I own multiple Trezor’s. On one of my Trezor’s I can see token balances on 2 accounts but not on the third one even though I know its there. Initial snapshot from a month ago shows it there. I think it’s got to do with “Add token” but it says it already added. I KNOW I could see the USDC a couple of weeks ago. Tokens show up in Transaction History and on Etherscan

Hi @Philocybin,

I’m confused. You say that you can’t see the USDC token under your ETH account, but when you try to add it as a new token you get an error message saying it’s already added? That sounds strange.

Can you take a screenshot of that ETH account with the tokens visible (blur out any data you want before posting)? Like in this example: