Missing Bitcoin

Last year I deposited Bitcoin into a new Trezor Wallet, the 24 word Seed was written on 2 pieces of paper, 12 words on each. One piece of paper was kept in a locked Safe with me being the only person who knew the combination (memorised), the other piece of Paper was folded and kept in my Wallet which was always with me.

To make a long story short I spent a few months away from my home and reset my Trezor Device before leaving.
After returning home I entered my 24 Word Seed into my Trezor , and to my utter amazement it showed a Bitcoin balance of ZERO! It was basically a blank Wallet with no coins and no transaction history!

I didn’t at any stage create a ‘Hidden Wallet’, so that is not the problem. I have since used the Seed on the iOS App ‘Blue’, but it also shows a Bitcoin balance of Zero, and I assume that if there was a hidden wallet on Trezor that I had forgotten about, then Blue would still show its contents?

Is there any way to access the blockchain to see a transaction history for the part of the blockchain that the 24 seed words is connected to?

You are most likely mixing those two list up, seed words have to be entered in the exact same order as they have been created.

Or you have one or more words wrong (check this in settings, device, Check backup)

Thanks for the reply, I have each word numbered from 1 to 24 so there is no chance of a mix up. I am starting to think that I may have used a Hidden Wallet without writing down the password. I assumed that using the original 24 words in a new wallet would be a work around to bypass the Hidden Wallet, but that doesn’t seem to be the case!
I’m thinking that my only solution is to keep trying different passwords until I crack it, or just give up and get on with life :slight_smile: