Missing all XRP deposited today

Ticket ID: 81209
Can you help me find missing XRP?
All transactions and coin were viewable then poof…gone. Then the xrp listing became inaccessible :upside_down_face:
Thank you

UPDATE: I was going to delete this but maybe others can learn from it if I leave it here.
I poked around in Trezor Suite in my accounts and found my xrp.
First, I reloaded the Trezor Suite App.
I had to click make new hidden wallet turn on asset xrp.
When I clicked on xrp, it gave me the option to FIND all my xrp. There it was logged transcripts and XRP!
Happy now ::laughing:
Thanks for getting back to me MichalZ!
I love this site!!

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Hi @Chatta thank you for providing your ticket ID
we will prioritize your issue and will get back to you via our help desk ASAP.

I dont think the hidden wallet park is clear. You simply connected the wallet using a passphrase and re-added the XRP account. The process is the same for those who dont use a passphrase.

Hi, I tried to follow this but it didnt work.

I havent logged into my Trezor for a few months and in the meantime the UI has changed. I can’t find my XRP or ETH. Im new to the forum so it wont let me post a new topic. Can anyone help?

hi @vigilante
topic you have created has already been answered.
Please continue in that thread: