Missed ETH in Trezor One Wallet


i have an issue with Trezor One Wallet. I placed a ticket for this topic (Ticket ID: 75324) just wants to add more information here.

I purchase ETH via Trezor One Wallet on one of supported exchange directly from wallet. Transactions are approved, i can see them on exchange web-page, BUT i couldn’t see them in Trezor Wallet.

I checked:

  • in different browser (Chrome, Firefox) with online versions of wallet => no results;
  • in Trezor suite => no results;
  • wipe and recover => no reults.

Could you help me with this topic?


sorry to hear about your troubles. Let’s recap this to make sure I understand correctly.

You have purchased ETH using the BUY feature in Trezor Suite, is that correct? Does your ETH balance reflects it? Maybe you are only missing the transaction in the overview, but the ETH balance is correct? Let me know please.

Thank you.


yes, i bought via BUY button in Trezor Suite (I don’t remember if it was web-wallet or Windows app).

I can see those transactions on web-page of exchange (BTC Direct), but I don’t see them in Wallet neither on the balance nor in the transactions overview.

Have you contacted BTC Direct? If not, please do so as we need to hear from them first since they process the transaction. Thank you.

I didn’t contact them, but what i can see in my transaction history on their web-page looks fine.

Sorry, i can only attached 1 picture to the message. Here’s second transaction.

Thanks. We still need to wait what they have to say. Without the transaction ID I can’t really tell what happened. Let us know please once you get a response.

I think it’s their issue. I checked it on https://etherscan.io and there’s no transaction acc. to my order. I also submit a ticket to them. Thank you for quick reply.

Sorry, but i was not inattentive on etherscan.io and found both transactions. So it seems they did their part of job. Which data do you need more to check it?

If you see BTC Direct sent you the ETH and both are confirmed, please be so kind to update the ticket information with both transaction IDs so we can have a look into it. Also I suggest to double check your ETH balance once more. Thank you.

Hi, thanks for update. Where I could update my ticket. Couldn’t find any web-page with my ticket, just have any email that my ticket had been created with certain number but there’s no any links.

Could advice where to update it with all required info?



you can reply to that email. Thank you.


there’s an issue on Trezor side, message can’t be delivered (I sent mail with screenshots). Is there any other option to reply to my ticket?



you just received a reply in the ticket so you can try to answer back to this reply. Many thanks.


it seems your server settings is wrong. I don’t know what’s happen with your company but I couldn’t reply to mails from your support. Checked different options with or without attachments, with links to the screenshots, but it’s simply not working…

I suggest to try to use a different email address to contact us as you are being rejected by our spam filter for some reason.


yes, you’re right with Gmail it’s working. So i’ve sent additional info.

Great, thank you. We will reply soon.