Mined BTC flavour coins to hardware wallet :(

I made the mistake of mining to a hardware wallet. I’ve got roughly 500 VTC that was paid out at .01 VTC per payment and would have been about 40 of them a day (the pool I used refused to accept my IP as confirmation when I tried to change the payout limit).
I had a ledger at the time and bought a trezor model T hoping the better hardware would solve the problem but it hasn’t.

When I try to consolidate the coins by sending them to a new wallet I get as far as review and send, I click that and it sits doing something for hours but doesn’t seem to get anywhere.

Is there anyway to estimate how few coins I should try to send at once to get them sent in a reasonable time?

Hi, mining to HW wallets is not recommended in general because they have limited computational power.

You can try sending half or third of the coins. If it does not work you have to use advanced wallet such as Electrum VTC: Releases · vertcoin-project/electrum-vtc · GitHub

Hi Forgi, thanks for the advice. I’m learning about the HW limitation after the fact :frowning: didn’t really pay attention to the warnings I came across before so it’s all on me. Would I need to import my seed phrase to another wallet? I have other crypto tied to it so would have to move all of them after to keep my portfolio secure :frowning:

try just pairing your Trezor with electrum first, if it’s not working try to import the seed

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Thank you so much, I didn’t realise that was an option.