Metmask ETH Wallet address not Equal to Trezor ETH wallet address on setup

I setup my ETH account on the trezor. Then when I go to Metamask and try to connect hardware wallet it jumps to the Select HD path screen with pages and pages of accounts, none of which match the ETH account address on the trezor.

Should they match? If they don’t match how do you know which account to chose from the Select HD path screen?

Hi @ellisrellisr

Yes they should all match (when using the same seed ans passphrase thus accessing the same wallet) unless you use Trezor testnet.

Please see following video:

I followed the instructions exactly the same as that video, the problem is the first address in the list of addresses is not the same address as my ETH account on trezor.

You mentioned (when using the same seed ans passphrase thus accessing the same wallet). This may be the issue but I don’t exactly understand this point.

Do you mean in Metamask I need to create a new wallet using the same seed as used when I setup the Trezor? At the moment the Metamask created its own seed when I opened the account a long time ago which is definitely not the same seed as used on the trezor.

In hierarchical deterministic wallets, such as Trezor, all private keys and addresses (public keys) are derived from the user’s recovery seed. The address derivation is as follow:

Recovery seed → Account private key → Private key → Public key → Address

If the user did not input any passphrase, an empty string “” is used. When the feature is activated (in Trezor by default), the user is prompted to enter the passphrase which is then combined with the recovery seed on the device, and a new wallet, account and addresses are generated.

So if you are not able to see the same address, you are accessing different wallet (most probably because you are using different passphrase).

Gosh that’s sounds complicated. So if I’m using a differential passphrase at which point is that ? How do I fix the problem ?

I thought I could delete the ETH address and start over but trezor doesn’t have an option to delete the ETH account.

it doesn’t work like that.

The only possible way how to access the same address repeatedly is to access the same wallet (using exactly the same passphrase as you did when you created that address in the first place).

You are using a standard wallet on the suite, and you also want the eth on MM to be the eth address on your suite, right?

I’ve got the same problem in which the address on the Trezor Suite acc does not appear on the list of address’s on the MM list when connecting the two. i have used the same passphrase and it even lists the same name on both platforms, just no corresponding address. Hopefully somebody knows the solution? Thanks