Metamask freezes when trying to confirm transaction on Trezor

Hi, I need some help, I was transferring some assets from my Trezor hardware wallet to another metamask wallet, and it freezes in the metamask transaction queue and the metamask window hanged. My trezor is connected to my metamask wallet. I tried to update the suite, firmware, restart my pc, uninstalled/reinstalled my metamask and nothing happened. It may also be helpful to share that, this is a new Trezor device. What I’ve noticed is that my Trezor MM wallet address does not appear in Trezor Suite. The Trezor MM wallet address only appears in MM. I tried to install the metamask wallet in its newer version in another browser and connect my hardware wallet in there, but the wallet address was missing. It’s not in the list of addresses. Is there anyone who can help? thank you

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Did you get an answer to this? Im having the same issue