MetaMask connection

Hi, When i try to connect my Trezor to Metamask on Chrome extension I keep getting this error message:

TypeError: Cannot add property default, object is not extensible.

I can’t get past this screen. Metamask seems not to recognise the Trezor or something.

Has anyone seen this before and able to offer any assistance?

manually update to 10.8.0 on metamask

Hey there - I’m already running MM 10.8.0… Should I still do the manual update?

no ,and your trezor version?

At the same time, you can check the browser’s security options. Whether the browser prohibits the communication of external USB devices.

Firmware 2.4.3
Trezor Suite 21.12.2

Which settings in Chrome browser should I be looking to disable? Sorry I’m not an IT person.

I turned on developer mode on Metamask and hit update. The error message is gone but now it’s just stuck ‘thinking’ with the message “looking for your Trezor”. The Trezor is plug in, unlocked…

I would really like the answer to this too. Please remember that a lot of us need step by step instructions. We are new to all this

The connection problem has something to do with the computer system, browser security settings, etc.
I use a win7 system computer to connect a third-party application of Trezor, which is not available, and it is easy to use it in a win10 virtual machine.
There are some VPNs that will prevent Trezor from connecting. All of these require individuals to try to find the root of the problem on their own, and not a copy of the tutorial can solve everything.
Once I used trezor to connect to my mobile phone, but it couldn’t be used because of the chrome browser version. After changing the installation package of a version, the mobile phone can be used normally when connected.
So when you encounter a problem, it is most important to learn by yourself and try to solve it. Because other people may not know what caused the connection failure on your computer at all.

This website is a u2f simulation authentication. If your trezor can be used successfully on this website, it means that there is no problem with your browser settings.

I really understand what youre say but If you’re not in IT, how do you even know where to start to learn by yourself. I bought the Trezor because it would connect to my Metamask. It does not do what I purchased it to do. Trezor should really provide instructions on how to solve the problem? I’m happy to follow any instructions? But I would also like to get what I paid for?

Hi - Is there anyone else out there that can help me. I recovered my Metamask wallet on Trezor when I set it up. Now Trezor won’t connect to a new Metamask Chrome browser wallet i have. So I can’t access my coins except directly on Trezor. When I connect hardware device, and select Trezor it just stays stuck on ‘looking for Trezor’. I don’t have pop ups blocked. I tried to connect with Chrome security settings left blank. It just won’t work.

I’ve also downloaded Brave Browser. Created a new Metamask wallet on Brave. The same problem occurs - Trezor won’t connect with MM on Brave either.

I get the error message as follows TypeError:Cannot add property default object is not ostensible.

I really appreciate anyone’s help with this. I’ve been trying different things for 2 days now to fix it and nothing is working. I’m getting desparate.

If you use a hot wallet to restore a cold wallet, then the cold wallet becomes a hot wallet. What is the point of buying trezor?

I am not in the IT industry, and I am actually not related to any computer industry, but when learning to use wallets and other btc and other knowledge, I also understand the precautions for the use of hardware wallets.

Regarding your connection problem, I suggest you go to other posts, call Community support with @, and add your post URL in the reply.

@Tarzy it is simply connection issue, try Firefox too (Brave is not supported officialy), turn of VPN, make sure the Bridge is running, try different computer

Thanks for your judgement. For anyone else that experiences this issue - I’ve found someone to help. It can be fixed in the MetaMask privacy and security settings - nothing to do with the computer or browser whatsoever.

@Tarzy can you please share the exact screenshot of the settings that you changed? Will be helpful for others. thx

Sure! I’ll post a link to a write up on it so other non-IT folk dont have the same issues

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