Metamask cant find correct account. trezor suite cant find it either

just setting up my trezor for the first time. imported seed from my ledger

i can use MEW to connect through my trezor and find the correct account that i want with my funds on it. i know the exact derivation path

neither trezor suite nor metamask is able to correctly find the account that im trying to find

changing the derivation path(by clicking “click here” and selecting another HD path) doesnt even change the wallets that are shown - it doesnt recognize any change the same wallets are always shown

im not using any passphrase

Hi @revvn

Please note that Trezor Suite will display only first ten ETH addresses.
Try using following tool in order to see if you’re able to locate the address in question:

yes that tool was able to locate the address that i want

the trouble is getting metamask to find it.

when i press the “click here” button, it shows me 3 derivation paths(ledger live, legacy (mew / mycrypto), bip44 standard (e.g. metamask, trezor)). no matter which one i select and press save, it shows the same lists of addresses, not the one i need

i asked my friend to look at this, its clearly a problem on metamask’s side, ill see if i can reach out to them

thanks anyway

I have the same problem I can’t find my wallet where I have my funds, tell me friend, you solved the problem


I cannot find mine either!!! Been struggling for days and cannot access my funds! What do I do??