Maybe don't promote the passphrase user that front and center

be it in or outside trezor, the passphrase seems something very much recommended even for bloddy beginners by people, despite it really being an advanced feature not for the faint of heart, many wallets I have seen put the passphrase somehwere as an advanced option or whatever, while trezor has this on the 4 security recommendation, right along things like discreet mode (which doesnt risk anything) or whether or not you created your backup.

I personally think the passphrase shouldnt be recommended that simply, and there is just a short “I understand that the passphrase cannot be recovered by Trezor” warning without really going into explanations about the whole topic in the first place, which makes this seem more or less beginner friendly but this is likely one of the main causes people lose access to their coins.


Hi @My1,

Thank you for sharing your feedback. We genuinely value input from our community members as it guides our improvements. Your contribution is truly appreciated!