Matcha Limit Order with Trezor Wallet

I have tried multiple times to place limit order swaps through as well as I have been able to do these swaps without failure directly through a non-hardware wallet connected account, but when using Trezor connected to Metamask, I get errors or failures on every attempt. I can sign to authorize the contract, but it goes on to fail every time. Is there a setting or something I am needing to include in order to get this to work?

Hi @BankofMoon

Based on the article (link below), Matcha does not currently have direct hardware wallet support, unfortunately.

I am using Metamask with the Trezor connected to it. I am not trying to connect to Matcha directly with the Trezor wallet.

I suppose, Matcha supports MetaMask as they claim. However, they might refer to MetaMask default account (wallet), different from Trezor generated wallet paired with MetaMask.

:link: See this post explaining the difference between these wallets.

Ok that explanation makes sense. I guess I will have to move the funds to a metamask native address in order to use Matcha limit orders. Thanks.

Sure thing, once you try it, please let us know how did it go. Thanks.

Is this issue still unsolved? I could have sworn I have signed limit orders previously through metamask with my trezor but not working now.