MacBook no longer recognise Trezor T

I have used my Trezor for some time (years) and never had problems connection it to suite (web / app) that were not easily solvable. But this time.

While working with other computers and MacBook my Trezor T is powering on, but neither the web-app nor the suite-app is recognising the device after PIN entry. The Bridge Status Page does not recognise it either.

Different cable and port did not help.

Any Ideas?


Well this forum does not really help if the Trezor Support is not present is it?

You should call Trezor Support under other posts.

That’s way better than the old Telegram Group I guess…

Heeelloooo??? Anybody here?

I mean, this is not a support chat popup :slight_smile: It’s a forum.

Your issue looks like something that needs an actual support ticket. Does the device work with other computers? If not, most likely something died, an you’ll need to get a RMA (if still under warranty) or a new device.

Hello, yes it works on other computers…any other abs device is working fine with my MacBook (old intel)…