Lost Trezor hardware. No idea whats on it. don't know address. Is it email? Own Ellipal Titan. Can I recover?

Hello. I lost my Trezor. But found the Seed Words. It was old and I have no idea what was on it. I do have an Ellipal Titan. Can I recover online or to the Titan or thru the software? Is my address a coded # or my email address? Im not the most knowledgeable with these devices. PLS help!

Your wallet is represented by the 12/24 seed words that you recorded in the setup. You can use them to recover the wallet on another Trezor or any other wallet of your choice, most wallets support this standard.

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Can anyone link how to recover onto ellipal titan with seed words please. I’m pretty newb.

you should refer to their manual and support. Just select “Recover via mnemonics” that is the same for any wallet pretty much.

So I can recover a trezor account on the titan with the seed words? Even tho it’s from another device originally? Tha KS for the help!

yes, you can, on almost any wallet.

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