Lost Tokens - Incorrect Network Use - Any way to recover?

Hi All,

Transfer from an exodus wallet to trezor. Polygon Matic token transferred via polygon network mistakenly to Polygon Ethereum Address on Trezor. The transaction has gone through on the polygon network but doesn’t show on trezor or exodus. Are these funds Lost or any way to recover them?

Thank you

hi, since the addresses are the same for almost all the EVM compatible chains (Polygon included) your funds are not lost.

You just have to use interface that allows you to:

  • access the address and it’s balance
  • manage operations with it (sign the TX)

on desired network - in your case Polygon.
Trezor Suite does not support Polygon network natively (yet) however Exodus does, even with Trezor connected to it.
Please make sure that you select right network.
Alternatively you can access desired network also with Trezor connected e.g. to MetaMask.

You can retrieve them easily,has this issue been solved?