Lost theta in binance transfer ▫

Hello, I have been trading on Binance however I just got a trezor hardwallet.

In sending my theta I sent it to ETH address and now it is not showing ( my mistake )

Could someone please please assist in recovering ?

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Hi @Nealtoner1

First, search for your transaction ID on these explorers and tell us which network you used.


Do not share your tx ID publicly.


Hi, I am really sorry but I do not fully understand what " network " refers to? I used Binance, currently I can see the transaction in theta explorer. Is that what you need ?

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If your transaction ID is searchable on this explorer https://explorer.thetatoken.org/ then you need to use Theta official wallet at https://wallet.thetatoken.org/. Since they integrated Trezor as well, there would be no problem for you and other users.

Please keep in mind that we neither develop nor maintain third-party software. Therefore, we cannot guarantee their full functionality. However, your private keys are always safely protected by your Trezor device, no matter what third-party application you use it with.

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Ok, to retrieve I must email them?

You need to pair your device with Theta official wallet at https://wallet.thetatoken.org/ to access your funds.

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Muchas gracias x tú respuesta,mi pregunta es si los ya se han enviado hace muchas horas como puedo acceder a ellos si no me han llegado a mi trezor??

El problema que tengo es que desde mi billetera de binance envié mis fondos a mi cartera fría “trezor” y no me llegan los fondos apesar que en la blokchain figura como confirmado

Usé la Red de theta…como podría acceder a mis fondos?

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