Lost my CoinJoin wallet


Last week, I added a new passphrase to create a new wallet just for CoinJoin. There is no other account there except the CoinJoin account. I have not run a CoinJoin.

I opened another wallet and sent BTC to this new account. It showed up fine. I then sent another transaction to the wallet (it gave me a second address) and it took around six hours, but finally it went through.

I closed everything up, and went back the next day and opened it back up. Everything was fine.

Today I wanted to send the rest of my BTC there. I went to that hidden wallet, and it showed up empty. There is no CoinJoin account there.

I know that I am using the correct passphrase because I wrote it down and have used it a couple of times last week. I notice that the docs pages no longer show up in web searches, so I am wondering what is going on.

I put in a ticket, 169993. I am really worried because I was moving all my BTC to one account to ConJoin and now it’s gone.

I spent the whole day doing various iterations of the passphrase even though I know that’s not it.

The wallet is not set to auto discovery. Is there something I need to do to see that account?

Thanks in advance for any help.

Ticket ID is 169993


Still a big problem.

I had the correct passphrase from the beginning. I went to the account, which showed as empty, and created a Conjoin account (again). For more than a dozen tries, was given the error “Account Discovery Error - We were unable to discover your accounts”.

After a few hours of this, the progress bar for discovery started and completed. It still showed zero BTC.

I clicked “Receive” in order to confirm that it was the same public address. After confirming on Trezor device that I was seeing the correct address, all of a sudden my balance and all transactions showed up for the Coinjoin account.

I tried to send the BTC to another address, just to get it out of that Coinjoin account. Trezor showed the Send pending at the Coinjoin account and the Receive pending at the other address. Gave an hour predicted time.

That was 25 hours ago. Now there is no record of the Send in the Coinjoin account, and the non Coinjoin account still says pending.

There is no record of the transaction on the blockchain. Trezor Bitcoin explorer shows that it will take 11 hours for the transaction, but it said that 25 hours ago too. Opening it in Blockbook shows transaction not found.

Trying to send it again, assuming that the transaction was cancelled, gives a mempool error.

So the funds are somewhere, and this is definitely a Coinjoin problem. Still waiting for some help on this.

Thanks to anyone who can provide any insight into this problem.

Hi, as you have been told by our agent in the ticket the fix is coming on Monday, the coinjoin account has issues due to high fees and blockbook sync.

You have made the transaction anyway, it was with a very low fee…

The agent told me to Join the early access program so that I would receive the update early (this past Monday). That is what I did.

Meanwhile, what should I do?

I would suggest you continue talking through the email ticket with your support agent. That’s the absolute best and easiest way to get answers to new questions in your case.

sorry that is correct, it came out this Monday, what is your Suite version?

However, as Petosiris says, please resolve in the ticket.

Suite Version is 23.5.1

And I did send in the info to the ticket, and have not yet received a reply.

Solved today.

As per support, I reset the Trezor app. Then I was able to transfer the BTC.

This was after updates and re-initializing the Trezor device a while ago. It seems that all the changes along the way messed up the app data.

I thank the support agent, whom I won’t name to protect the agent’s privacy.

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