Lost Half Recovery Seed

I know my pass phrase and first half of my recovery seed. When I created my Trezor Wallet, I got two seeds and wrote them down on two separate pieces of paper. The one I lost has my PIN and second half of my recovery seed. Am I just screwed and did I just lose all my money or is there any way I can recover my funds? I still have the box serial number and of course my device. Please help me God.

Hi @HelpMeGawd, first of all, during the initial setup (when you are creating your first Trezor wallet), Trezor shows you just one seed, not two. The seed has 24 words if you have Trezor One, and 12 words if you have Trezor Model T. If you do not have your PIN, the only chance for getting back to the wallet is with the recovery seed, as you have to wipe the device and recover your wallet with a seed.
Unfortunately, I am afraid your only chance is to find the missing recovery seed part, as we do not have a control over your wallet and its private keys (seed+passphrase, if you use any), hence we cannot help you access your wallet without the seed.

I have the Trezor One and I used the two seed papers they give in the box to write down my seeds I’m almost positive there’s an option to select two seeds because on the paper I still have there is a 20 word seed will this be enough to recover my wallet?

The best way now is that you can remember what your pin is.
It seems that there are still many people who only keep one backup of the seed, which is very dangerous.