Lost Coins from hidden segment

Many years ago, Trezor allowed users to create a hidden account and I did and placed 10 coins in there. Then for some reason the hidden compartment disappeared and I had forgotten about it until recently when I was looking at some notes. Does anyone remember this old feature and is there anyone I could talk with to help me regain the coins if I have never reformatted it?
Thank you in advance for your help.

Hi @liveandkicking,

You’re referring to a Hidden wallet, I presume. When you created the hidden wallet you also made a Passphrase. To open that wallet you must enter that passphrase when you login to Trezor Suite.

If you didn’t write down the passphrase and don’t remember what it was either, then you should try to remember what it could be. I guess it’s a longshot, because it’s been years since you created it, but try the usual passwords you use and combinations of these.

Good luck! :+1: