Lost ADA While Trying to Stake

Went to stake ADA using Yoroi. Did not realize when I bought Trezor that the ADA support was through 3rd party.

Sent a small amount of ADA to Yoroi/Trezor wallet. After success, sent 4,850 ADA. When I went to stake, Trezor/Yoroi threw an error “something unexpected happened, please retry”

I disconnected and reconnected my Trezor wallet, only to find my ADA gone. I used the same passphrase. All other tokens are there in the Trezor, but not ADA.

My working hypothesis is that somehow, someway a different hidden wallet was created that I now can’t access. It’s just strange because I have strong protocols for managing seed phrases and passphrases. I have 10+ other wallets of different types and have never come close to losing keys.

It feels pretty bad to spend $200 on a device to keep my funds safe and to lose $10,000 while trying to use it.

If anyone has advice I’m all ears. Wallet address is addr1qysae7amrhjn38mtc0dgsl27pgnyfnpzhvf39h7z49n950cq96k2nz0efpllpd43lvmvc34df9um4aywn5v9wa05r5qsq94nvq

I don’t know if it’s useful, I don’t store ada myself