Lightning on Trezor

I’m wondering what a lightning wallet on Trezor would look like, and if there are plans in the works.

A simple wallet could be somewhat straightforward, the Trezor can just sign transactions and a node on a full general purpose computer can hold them, and use that for watch tower purposes, send txs if it is detected if someone is trying to close the channel.

However, if one is using the node as a way to relay other people’s transactions (and collect tx fees), how could that work without the Trezor being connected at all times, and authorising txs automatically?

It would defeat the purpose of the Trezor if the node could authorise all transactions without it, since in theory someone could drain your lightning wallet if they got access to the machine.

But might there be a way to have a delegate key that can authorise transactions that are a part of someone else’s route, and have a non-negative balance outcome? And then let only the Trezor sign transactions where the net balance is reduced? It sounds tricky if not impossible, but perhaps someone can imagine a way of doing it?

Hi @OP_HASH160 ,

there are no plans to implement lightning payments. Trezor is rather a cold storage to keep your funds as secure as possible. The main focus is to keep it simple. I can’t tell what the future is going to bring but at this moment Lightning is out of our scope.

Many thanks for the answer kolin. Glad to know where the priorities are.

Will look for other solutions for lightning, but it seems the only options are hot software wallets for now.