Letsexchange doesn`t work

I wanted to change coins. My coins are gone but I didn’t receive anything. Almost 2 hours have passed, support does not respond to messages (already responded but still no coins). Why do you offer this scam in your app?

Hi, what did their support tell you? Can you please provide trade ID?

It is not a scam, trades can take longer time for various reasons.

“I am very sorry that you are facing such a long wait.:pensive:
We are working on fixing this issue.
Your exchange will be completed soon. You can check its status
We’ll let you know when it’s successful.”


Have received coins. Perhaps the service should indicate the real time of the exchange, and not fictitious, so that people do not panic

The trade is facilitated by the exchange not Trezor, the time indication you refer to was on their side I suppose.

You will always receive your coins in the same amount as the trade was if you choose fixed rate offer, no reason to panic.

Apologies for any issues.