Label History Missing

I’ve encountered a couple instances where my label history is completely forgotten/not imported. Currently, a whole year’s worth of labels is failing to import. My dropbox still contains numerous .mtdt files. This is occurring on both web browser and in the Suite. How can I recover my labeling history?

I’m having the exact same issue. Were you able to recover somehow?

Tried to see about a command line solution to help me automate the rebuild process, but couldn’t find anything.

For some reason all my labels have gone missing. Very disappointed. The files exist on Dropbox but I don’t see them in Suite anymore. Is there any hope of recovery?
If not, is there any chance of assigning labels via a command line interface to try to speed up recovery?
thank you

H @hello

Usually after a update either of firmware or software some settings can go to default.
In your settings is Labels still on? When you initiate your device do you get message: enable labels?


there seems to be a change in dropbox that causes this, we are looking into the issue.

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even new labels don’t appear. For instance since all my labels disappeared, I created a new label. Then restarted the trezor suite, and the new label did not persist.

Hi, I saw with the latest version of Trezor Suite that the labels are saving again. But is there any way to recover the old labels? I have so many and it would be impossible to re-construct. And extremely time intensive to re-label the addresses that I know. This is really troubling. Thank you.

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