La luz de mi trezor recien comprado no enciende

Good morning.
Today 12/14/2021 I got the Trezor that I bought through UPS.
Take everything out of the box which was perfectly closed and when proceeding with the installation, when I plug it into the usb port, I noticed that the backlight does not turn on.
I probed on another device and it won’t turn on either.
When I want to configure it, everything works fine, but nothing is seen without the light, by providing me with the seed phrase I cannot copy it since the screen is dark.
By turning off all the ambient lights, you can see very little of what the trezor’s screen shows.
How can I solve this problem?
From already thank you very much.

Hi @cristian could you please submit a request using this form and then get back to me here with a ticket ID ?
We will troubleshoot the issue via email as we’ll need you to provide the video showing the problem.
Thank you in advance.

Ticket ID: 115015
Good morning. That’s my ticket number, the purchase of the product was made from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I’m waiting for an answer, thank you.

Thank you, we have already answered.

I already sent them the video they asked me for, as you can see, the computer recognizes the Trezor but never since I took it out of the box did it turn on the light. I look forward to a response.