Keep your phone/cameras AWAY when you're using your seed words

Hi all

I’m noticing that some people have had coins stolen even though their words were safely locked up etc… and I’m sure it’s NOTHING to do with Trezor because the device works the way it should. I just wanted to throw this little nugget of advice: when you are doing anything with your seed words (setting up a device, looking at the words, or anything) then keep all cameras away from your work area - even webcams built into monitors and mobile phones etc. Put tape over your monitor camera and take your phone out of the room first. DO NOT SAY YOUR WORDS OUT LOUD, even quietly to yourself. Everything is listening, everything is watching.

Imagine this: you write your words out on paper in front of you and your friend calls your mobile phone. You pick up the phone and say “I’m busy right now, can I call you back?”. You know what you probably just did? You probably just flashed your phone camera (on the back of the phone) over your words on your desk for a moment. A week later your coins are taken out of your wallet and you can’t understand why (because your words are locked in a safe) so you blame the hardware wallet device. Your phone camera saw the words, you have malware on your phone, your phone is always connected to the internet, etc… join the dots. Every electronic item is a spy device nowadays.

That’s how easy it can happen. Literally - do not speak the words out loud and do not have any cameras around. If you have a camera built into your monitor, put tape over it to black it out.

I’m convinced some of these “stolen coin” stories are down to this kind of carelessness.

Hope that helps someone!

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