I've run Recovery three times since Firmware upgrade and my BTC have not returned!

Look, 14 or 20 days is way too long to wait for your support team to respond to the bizarre event in which your Firmware upgrade wiped out my 0.1708 worth of Bitcoin stored via your Trezor Model T. I contacted an experienced cryptocurrency investing friend who has the Model T and he walked me through the recovery process. We’ve done it three or four times now but the money that completely disappeared from my account has not reappeared. I hope you can appreciate how profound;u disturbing this is. Apparently others did get their disappeared money back after doing the recovery. But I didn’t. I am particularly dismayed that your system doesn’t even show that we have had any transaction history at all. I have the record of my transfer of funds from Coinbase to show you. I implore you to contact me immediately and rectify this budding financial disaster for me and my family.

Hi @Bill

First of all updating firmware can’t affect your funds as long as you have verified recovery seed and correct passphrase (if enabled and used).

If there is no Tx history in the wallet you are accessing (even though you claim you sent some funds into it) then you are accessing different wallet.
You can always conveniently check if you are accessing desired wallet by comparing receiving addresses (your BTC address you can generate in your current wallet would have to match with the one where you sent your funds to from Coinbase) and there would be a record of this transaction in the Tx History.

Was the receiving address you can’t access now generated in Hidden or Standard wallet ?
Also what interface do you use ? Is it Trezor Suite ?

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Thanks for the reply, MichalZ,

I believe I used Trezor Suite when I registered my Trevor Model T. Was there another possible online interface. I definitely did not use a hidden wallet because I did not want to create a passphrase at that time.

I checked the BTC address just now and it does not match the sending address from Coinbase. But I got that sending address from Trevor and copy/pasted it into Trevor when I made the transfer on September 18, 2021. I saw the money go into the Trevor account, so I know the transfer was successful.

My account reads Bitcoin #1. Could my deposit have gone into a Bitcoin #0? And if so, how do I access it?

Thanks again for your help.



Contrary to my faulty memory, I did use a hidden wallet and a passphrase. My money has been found!

Thank you for your clear instructions.

Best wishes,

That’s great news Bill! :raised_hands:
I suggest you to take all necessary precautions in order to preserve the passphrase safe, be it a physical backup or just a memory.