I've created two accounts with the same passphrase (impossible?)

Re-post from Reddit. But just seem to be getting downvotes.

I’ll step through what I did and hopefully someone can clear this up for me.

I started in MetaMask, clicked on “connect hardware wallet” and selected a random account number on the second or third page. It asked for me to setup a passphrase, I did. And the account has been working well. I need to connect my Trezor and enter my pass just like normal operation for a hidden wallet.

I recently went into Suite to get it updated. Went to add this hidden wallet, entered my passphrase, and a different account number appears.

So that’s it. I have an account connected to MM that requires a passphrase. Then I have an different account in Suite that uses that same passphrase. This doesn’t seem like it should be possible. Unless I messed up and should have setup the account in Suite prior to connecting it to MM. What I’m trying to do is add the first account to Suite. But at this point I do not know how. Obvious fear is loosing access to the first account.

you used wrong/misstyped passphrase and created another account that is all…

While I admit I am not the sharpest tool in the box, I can assure you I have extensively checked and recheck to assure I’m typing in the same passphrase.

I used MM and during a transaction type in passphrase A on the Trezor. I then go into Suite and type in the exact same passphrase A to “show hidden account” and a different account number appears. Same passphrase.

sorry, correction of my previous post…if that’s what you did, you will not see that address in Suite, it can only display first 10 addresses.

So, you are looking for something that you cannot see in Suite…

That one address you see in Suite, that is your first ETH address of that hidden wallet/passphrase

Ok, so even though it cannot be seen in Suite, it is still a valid wallet in the Trezor (obviously yes because I verify transaction on the Trezor). And if my house was to burn down with my pc and Trezor, upon activating a new Trezor with my seed, I would still be able to access this account by going through the MM ‘connect hardware wallet’, correct?

I know that sounds like a dumb question, but it just concerns me I need to use a third party app to access accounts. And I ask this too because I have another post where I created a new standard account (ETH #2) that does not show up on the MM connect list. So there is something fundamental about the Trezor setup that I am missing.

yes, but to recover hidden wallet you also need the hardware device

Standard wallet is always accessed by leaving the passphrase field empty