I've been hacked

On 10/10/2022, I received an email from etherscan io indicating that a sending of
1.131469933439263 Ether from my ETH address 0xb5d19354df193200913ee0ecc861cabc3ac6b3fd, protectet with TREZOR, to the address 0x3bc6c5e96c9342e07d479b704535ee6797c4d28f.
The next day I received another email from etherscan warning of another raid trying to take some tokens. They couldn’t because there was no gas left.

This transaction has not been ordered by me, my trezor was bought by amazon from the official trezor store, it has always been in my possession, it was not even connected.

I have tried to get in touch with you through different channels but I have not managed to get you to answer me, let’s see if you bother to answer now

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