Issue when trying to move LTC

Hey everyone,

Everytime I try to move any amount of litecoin off my trezor I get the following… Transaction signing error: Transaction has unexpected data

I have gotten 3 transactions to work at random of 0.5, 1 and 10 … but it just happened by keeping to click. Any ideas? any help would be appreciated


Trezor Suite version?

In the December release, it included support for spending coins that were sending via MimbleWimble.

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Same problem here, any solution??
I can’t move Litecoin.
Suite version 22.12.1
Firmware 2.5.3
Thanks in advance


Unfortunately, will need additional information so we can start reproducing the issue.

With the CoinControl option, do you find which inputs are causing you trouble?

The best way to help understand the problem ee which LTC is trying to be moved (which is why I mentioned “inputs” above).

The best way to determine that is to share your LTC XPUB (under Account tab) and how much you are expecting to send via direct message.

Warning, sharing your XPUB with me means I can see how much LTC you hold. So please be mindful of that.

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same issue for nearly a month

a base issue like this continuing to be an issue this long makes me want to bail on trezor

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We discovered the issue. The fix is planned to be released this week for those who have the early access program enabled.