Is there any chance that the box is tampered with?

Hello, Trezor team. I am a newbie to crypto and I found Trezor has a good reputation so I decided to choose Trezor T as a starter hardware wallet and bought it via “Trezor official site”


I think everything seems fine except several small issue. When I unboxed, I realized that the thin plastic foil was a bit compromised. I thought it trivial because it is quite natural for the foil torn a bit during a long shipping. So I moved on to the next step, took off the hologram seal,
connect trezor to my laptop and got a one RSOD. It was about a usb-read problem and quickly solved.
And then launched suite and downloaded firmware via the suite, generate recovery seed and made my own accounts.
It was a quite smooth process and nothing interfered. However, the first thing, the torn foil issue and one RSOD do not go off my mind. I know I am a bit paranoid but I would like to listen to Trezor team’s comment on this. Because there must be so many customers around the world like me that everything is fine except the foil.
Thank you for your answer in advanced.

Hi @Donn

It is always good to be cautious especially in cryptoworld.
However frankly speaking there is in my professional opinion nothing wrong with the device security.

As you said, sometimes the plastic foil wrapping the package can get ripped (as it is not so strong) however that is not a big deal as the most important thing is that the holographic seal was intact.

Apart from the physical tamper-evident hologram, our devices also use software safeguards against tampering. The device firmware and bootloader are signed by SatoshiLabs, and these signatures are checked whenever you start the device. The Trezor device will warn you if the signatures are invalid.

Whats more we dispatch all of our devices without preinstalled firmware. Therefore your can conveniently check that there isn’t any preinstalled malicious firmware.

RSOD is unfortunate but it happens sometimes.
The error you got (as you correctly noted) was related to the connectivity - reading from USB has failed however that can be most of the time fixed by changing the cable, port or host device.
If you would have any hardware-like issues with your Trezor in the future please let us now and we will send you a new one :wink:

What a helpful comment!
I believe my Trezor T has no problem too. Then, the only thing left is to switch power HODL mode on with it. :+1: :+1:

Thank you for your help dude! :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

Hello! I would also like to verify the authenticity of my wallet. Is it possible to check it by serial number?

hi @Ekaterina

No that is unfortunately not possible however I was able to find your order in our system under token 2pTZATYsmYZMewf3764KhYNs4WLMF4. Thus I confirm that your Trezor model T was shipped directly from us and delivered to you on 22nd October (I have PMed you all tracking details).
So as long as the device came with holographic seal over USB port and there was no firmware installed it is definitely genuine, legit and safe to use :ok_hand:

Thank you very much! I asked for my peace of mind)

I received my Trezor One yesterday. As I look at the back of the package, I notice on the bottom that a holographic seal must have been placed on the left bottom and removed. Also, the package has an indication of being opened as you can see the package lid shows signs of being forced open. The seal on the right bottom (looking at the back of package) is intact. I’m just not sure if the package was opened at the factory or someone else.

Hi @Renerator13

Please open a ticket submitting following form:

We will get back to you ASAP.