Is the "official Trezor" store on Amazon legit?

Is the “official Trezor” store on Amazon legit??
It appeared legit, and Amazon stated the order was fulfilled by Satoshilabs.
Clicking on that brings you into the Trezor vendor page within Amazon.
I though it was legit so I bought it from there. As I already had a gift card for Amazon.

But when I got the Tezors, they are looking suspect.
The shrink wrapping looks sloppy. :roll_eyes:
Also the label on the back is cut off :astonished:

Looking at the FAQ here, it keeps talking about the so called “hologram security” sticker. And those were intact (assuming the stickers were legit)

The Trezors were shipped out of an address in Staten Island, NY and NOT Czech Republic.
I searched on the shipping address and it IS a Amazon warehouse.

I’m kinda suspicious of the poor shrink wrapping and bad label sticker on the rear

Yes, it is legit and your Trezor is secure.

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Thanks for confirming that.

The shrink wrap on the packages look like it was done in someone’s garage :sweat_smile:

Just some minor damage from shipping/warehouse. The most important are the seals and that you install firmware yourself which is validated by the bootloader.

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