Is it possible to overwrite a hidden wallet by creating a new one with the same passphrase as an existing one?

• Hi, I had two wallets on my trezor one, a standard one and a hidden one. Today, after plugging in my device, I clicked on the standard wallet. I did not know that in order to access a hidden wallet, I had to select “hidden wallet” from the get go after plugging in my trezor one on my computer. So I clicked the “+” button and entered the same passphrase that I had used to create the hidden wallet the previous time, thinking that in that way, I would access my hidden wallet, the old one, which has funds! So a new hidden wallet was created with the same passphrase as the previous one, but it shows 0 balances. How can I recover my funds from my previously created hidden wallet?? I never got any warning about the passphrase, something that “a wallet already exists with that passphrase”. Is this possible at all? i.e. to ‘overwrite’ my previous hidden wallet, which has funds in it??

I’ve had glitchy accounts recently (no price refreshing), and so was coached on here to RESET my app… This made ALL the accounts disappear when I reactivated the app (which is ok) and so I just ADDED my selected coin XRP (to create a new XRP (Hidden) wallet), and there it was… All other wallets with 0 coins vanished, including a second hidden wallet that I never used after its activation… Remember that ur coins are actually stored on the blockchain… Hope this helps… :slight_smile: (PS - My App is still glitchy!!)

That’s not possible because that’s not how the passphrase feature works.

Your original idea is correct: every time you enter the same passphrase, you will enter the same wallet. There is nothing to “overwrite”, it’s going to be the same wallet every time.

If you are seeing zero, the most likely explanation is that you actually typed a different passphrase and so opened a different wallet. Double-check for typos, etc.

Another option is that you don’t have your coins enabled in Suite settings. Then Suite would show you zero until you enable the right coins.


Do all internal Trezor Model T wallets have passphrases to verify entry? Or only ‘Hidden Wallets’?

There are no Trezor T wallets that have passphrases ““to verify entry””. That is not what the passphrase does. You use your passphrase to select a wallet.

The Standard wallet is the one that is selected with empty passphrase.

Like you walk into a bank and say "today I would like to access the vault with code “17 Sierra Tango”. And they lead you down a massive hallway with innumerable lockers lining the walls, turn down the aisle labeled “17”, walk to the “17 Sierra” section, and open the “17 Sierra Tango” locker, nestled in between “17 Sierra Sierra” and “17 Sierra Uniform”.

That’s why, when you enter a “wrong” passphrase, you get an empty wallet! You told Trezor “hey open that one”, and Trezor did that. There’s nothing there – but the vault exists and you can open it just fine.

The Standard wallet is you walking in and saying “today I want to see the first vault, that one right over there by the door”.

When you click Remember in Suite, then Suite remembers some of the wallet contents. You will still need to enter the passphrase, but then Suite can look inside and tell you “yeah this is the one I remember”, or “nope, this is a different one”.

(and if you “create” a hidden wallet, Suite looks inside and says “hey, this one is empty, are you sure you want it?” which is where you confirm the passphrase by typing it twice)

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