Invity trading with Trezor suite

I post this issue here in Feedback and suggestions because I think Invity / Trezor suite need improved user info about such transactions. So this is Feedback just as it is a question.

I’m in the process of learning to use Invity for trading (only buying, so far) and noticed something strange that I hope Community support could explain to me. Today I bought some Dogecoin (DOGE) with Invity and Banxa. My question is basically - why are the transaction summaries so different (see attached images below)?

Note: The amount Banxa charged me is the same as the amount Invity displayed before I chose it from the list of offers.

Also note that Invity / Trezor suite don’t display the coin price at the time of purchase. Why is that?

Banxa report of completed purchase:

From Trezor suite after completion:

send me the transaction ID into DMs, we will look into it, thanks

Ok, will do. I thought it was a simple answer I’d somehow overlooked. :slight_smile:

Edit: DM sent.