Invalid witness request during signing rewards withdrawal transaction with different account numbers


I’m having some problems signing with Trezor Connect when trying to sign a withdrawal transaction with input and staking paths of different accounts.

For example:

When signing a Cardano withdrawal transaction with m/1852’/1815’/0’/2/0 as the staking path in the withdrawal parameters, and input path of m/1852’/1815’/1’/0/0, signing is successful.

However, signing fails when signing a withdrawal made on a different staking path such as m/1852’/1815’/1’/2/0 or m/1852’/1815’/2’/2/0 with an input path of m/1852’/1815’/1’/0/0. In these cases I get a “Invalid witness request” error from trezor.

Would anyone happen to know what the issue is and/or how to resolve this?

Thank you!

resolved as intentional behavior on github:

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